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Emily Spiteri

Emily Spiteri
Practice Manager

Emily Spiteri’s leadership at Covenant Medical Hub is a shining example of how kindness and smart planning can transform healthcare. She puts empathy first, making sure patients feel genuinely cared for. But she’s not just about warm fuzzies—Emily also knows how to get things done efficiently.

She’s revamped how we do things, making sure patients move through smoothly and that the team communicates like a well-oiled machine. Plus, she’s all about teamwork, making sure everyone feels valued and knows their part.

Off-duty, Emily’s a music lover who can jam on various instruments. She’s also active in her church and community, and she’s got 2 furry friends at home that she absolutely adores.

Emily’s leadership isn’t just about running a tight ship—it’s about caring for people, getting things done, and bringing joy wherever she goes.