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Rafaela Luca

Rafaela Luca
Registered Psychologist

Rafaela is a highly qualified professional with a dual degree in Nursing and Psychology. She brings over two decades of extensive experience in the healthcare industry, including roles in direct patient care, patient education, and clinical research. Since 2008, she has also been practicing as a registered psychologist.

Currently, Rafaela specializes in working with adult clients facing a wide range of challenges, including issues related to mood, anxiety, stress, sleep, work-related physical and psychological injuries, adjustment difficulties, post-traumatic stress, grief, and loss. If you find yourself struggling with concerns about your mood, anxiety, stress levels, sleep patterns, personal or occupational functioning, or any other issues disrupting your life, she is here to help.

Her approach to client care is deeply rooted in building strong and professional relationships. She firmly believes in collaboration, and she tailors her therapeutic style to meet the unique needs of each individual. This approach allows her clients to gain a profound understanding of their emotions, themselves, and their behaviours.

Ultimately, Rafaela’s goal is to empower her clients to become independent, emotionally insightful, and resilient individuals who can effectively utilize healthy coping skills and cultivate a positive self-esteem. She is always willing to embark on this journey with her clients and support their growth and well-being.